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Nathaniel (Flashman85) has fingers in many geeky pies, but you'll hear him blabber most often about old video games and sci-fi television shows that have been off the air for years. His geek interests also include (but are not limited to) cinema from all different time periods and countries, anime both silly and serious, tabletop roleplaying games, comics, and an eclectic variety of music. [E-mail Nathaniel]

Alex (AJG)’s geek weakness comes in the form of comic books and all related ephemera. If you stand next to him long enough, he will at one point try to get you to read The Goon, written and drawn by Eric Powell. (You should read it. It’s very good.) Alex hates organizing his collection, and continues to lose the war against bags and boards. Alex also tries to collect original comic book art, but that stuff ain’t cheap. He also hates the “comics-typical” fanboy and he hopes you do, too. [E-mail Alex]