Links to Our Other Projects

Our contributions to the advancement of human civilization go beyond this humble little blog. The Internet is home to many of our other geeky endeavors, and because we're all about shameless self-promotion, we're going to insist that you visit at least all of the following:

- Alex's collection of original comic art at ComicArtFans

- The official website of Alex's self-published book, Sarah Faire and the House at the End of the World

- Nathaniel's personal website, which has a link to pretty much anything he'd possibly list here

Let's see...I think that's everything...Oh, and you should totally read our blog, Exfanding Your Horizons. It's good for you.


Crashman42 said...

Flashman85 said...

Hey, who said you could post a comment here!? (Oops; didn't think they were enabled for this page...)

I can explain! Originally, the YouTube button in the sidebar led to my channel, so I didn't feel it necessary to double-link here. But then Exfanding got its own YouTube channel (which, really, is just an excuse to organize video game music playlists), and I forgot to add GeminiLaser back here after the switch. Guess this page could use an overhaul anyhow!