Monday, February 20, 2012

Out of the Film Loop

My wife and I were having a discussion with two friends last night about the best movies we've seen all year. We brought up one of our recent Netflix adventures, the 1950 Best Picture All About Eve.

No no no, we were told. Something recent.

After a bit more discussion, it became clear to me just how out-of-the-loop I've been with modern cinema. Unlike video games, which I typically won't touch until they're at least a few years old, I do occasionally make it out to see a movie while it's still in theaters. Though, between all the traveling last year and the distance now between me and the people who used to drag me out to movies, I've fallen out of the moviegoing habit.

I've seen a few films in the past several months, such as J. Edgar (which I enjoyed) and Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (which I also enjoyed), but I completely missed out on Captain America and a number of others. At least with video games, I'm aware of the latest craze, but my weekly check-in at Rotten Tomatoes has fallen by the wayside for some reason, and it may be time to bring it back. I'm now completely disconnected from new movies, unless I catch a stray advertisement online or hear someone talking about a film.

The one that really took me by surprise was the new Miyazaki film, which I discovered last night when my wife announced we would be seeing the new Miyazaki film tonight. I have absolutely no idea what I'm in for; I can't even remember the name. Wish me luck.

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