Thursday, October 8, 2009

10,000 Hits!

Ho-lee catfish! This blog has reached 10,000 hits, and only in a little over a year! As you can see, President Kirk is as surprised as we are.

Captain Kirk Is SurprisedWow. Another century at this rate, and the blog will go platinum. Hopefully they'll still have the Internet by then.

Our blog tradition is that every time we reach a milestone (such as 10,000 visits to the site), one of us introduces the other to a fandom he's never experienced. So far I've exposed Alex to Star Wars, Mega Man (which he still needs to write about, hint hint), and, independent of a milestone, Dungeons & Dragons; Alex has exposed me to The Goon, but by the sole virtue of working on this blog together, he's gotten me to start reading comic books.

Well, it's your turn.

So far we've only introduced each other to fandoms we know and love; this time, for 10,000 hits, we're both going to throw ourselves into something we know little or nothing about. Alex and I are compiling a list of hobbies and fandoms we've never been exposed to, and we want you, loyal reader(s), to add to the list.

If there's a hobby or fandom you think we should try, mention it to us in the comments section (you can post anonymously). No matter how ridiculous, out-of-character, or unusual your suggestion may be, we'll consider it if any associated costs and time commitments are kept within reasonable limits, and if the potential for bodily harm is kept to a minimum.

Seriously. If it qualifies as a hobby or fandom and meets the criteria above, it's fair game.

What we'll do is look over all the ideas and then pick out the five most interesting ones. We'll put up a poll for about a week or two, and we'll let you decide what we ultimately try out.

Go on, now. Get creative!


Klyde said...

Congrats on this milestone! To celebrate, join a Quidditch league!

Scott said...

It's hard to find a geeky hobby/fandom that doesn't take a considerable investment of time and/or money.

I'd personally recommend reading The Chronicles of Amber, by Roger Zelazny. It's a less-than-well-known fantasy classic, but represents a not-inconsiderable investment of time to finish, I think.

If you want to try a manga, I'd recommend Yotsubato for a glance at Japanese humor and a general story without drama/stress. For sports manga, there's always something like Hajime no Ippo, which is still ongoing.

For the CCG side of things, you could read up on the current ruleset for Magic: the Gathering; I would encourage you to find your local card/comics store and see if they have Friday Night Magic, which is a program Wizards started around a decade ago. It tries to encourage socialization in the form of drafts; if you've never drafted, I suggest you try. It used to be 12 dollars -- the cost of three booster packs. It's a fun chance to hang out and talk. But you probably don't want to get bitten by the CCG bug.

Or you could sit down, relax, and try some origami.