Friday, October 9, 2009

Hello, I Must Be Going...

Well, holy cats, some things have been happening around these parts this week, let me tell you. And I have very little time in which to write this post to fill you all in, because I am in the middle of packing and printing things out and...finding my pants.

They seem to have gone missing.

I'll find them, though. They shan't escape me forever.

Right. So. Remember how I mentioned that far-away job interview I had a couple of days ago? No? You only read Nathaniel's posts? Comics are for kids and you think I should go--HEY! Easy, there, Bucky.

Anyway, while the job isn't actually a "job" in the sense that it's a non-paid position, it is a job in the sense that I have quite a bit of responsibility. I can't say just yet what the job is (actually, I absolutely am allowed to, but I have a whole post planned to reveal it sometime next week and I don't want to ruin that...), but it involves editing and writing and a subject matter that I love.

And it's for a nationally distributed magazine. And I may have just handed in my first writing assignment for them. And, unless it gets cut to shreds or someone over there comes to his senses, the article will actually be published. And people will be able to buy it. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Because, now that I've laid words to blog, I'm sure the piece will be rejected.

Thanks, irony.

Maybe not, though. We'll see. I can say that, for the past few hours, I felt like a Real Person again, what with the email binging all day and the phone ringing off the hook.

And, while I also like to sleep and watch TV, I have to say...Wee Hee! Crazy, sleep-deprived Alex is back! More next week, though, I promise.

-- -- -- --

Speaking of sleep deprivation, this weekend is the Baltimore Comic-Con, and in a few short hours I will be embarking on the journey towards the convention center. Now, after several years of waffling back and forth on whether or not to attend the Baltimore Con, I finally went for it last year. And, man, was it a great show. Easily the best-run comics convention I've ever been to, and easily the best lineup of creators and retailers I've ever seen at a show.

Unlike the San Diego show and now the New York Comic Con, Baltimore is focused completely on comics. A comics convention that takes comics seriously? In today's day and age? I know--it surprised me, too. And Baltimore, while sporting an incredible guest list and occupying a HUGE floor space, somehow manages to have a small con feel to it. No idea how they pull that off.

At Baltimore, one won't find booth after booth of movie and video game promotions, and the artist's alley features nothing but comics artists and writers. So, no ex-wrestlers and...ahem..."movie" "stars" to walk past.

Just. Comics.

And even though the drive is going to be murder (especially after the three-plus hour drive I made to my interview earlier this week--in the POURING, APOCALYPTIC RAIN), the show is going to be well worth all of the aggravation.

I will be tasked with at B'more, so I should be plenty busy. Firstly, I am helping to promote the impending launch of the comics site that I co-founded. Secondly, I will be trying to sell ads for the magazine that I am now "working" for. And thirdly, because of the perfectly-timed check that came in the mail yesterday for freelance work I did a while back, I will have actual money to spend at the show.

Because I figured I wouldn't be buying anything that isn't food and water and gas, I have absolutely no idea what to buy. So, yeah, that's not dangerous or anything. I think I'm going to focus on checking out the indy comics that are at the show and maybe seeing if any of them would work on my soon-to-launch comics site.

We'll see. And don't fear, I will have a full Con Report come next week, hopefully either Monday or Tuesday, to document all the stupid and dorky things I'll be doing and buying at the show.

With that, I go off the grid for the weekend. Please remember to comment on our big 10,000 Hits Post, and offer up some more suggestions for fandoms we should undertake!

Happy Friday, everyone!

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