Saturday, November 7, 2009

Month in Review: October 2009

Largely due to all the Halloween hubub that splashed over into November, our Month in Review for October was nearly lost and forgotten. This would have been most unfortunate, for October was a very big month, in more ways than one. Firstly, we reached 10,000 hits! Secondly, many of our posts were pretty darn long (but still interesting!). Thirdly, we devoted an entire week to describing the most important things we would change about some of our favorite fandoms. These included:

- The Star Wars movies, both the prequels and the originals

- Nearly every single game in the classic Mega Man series

- Comics, comic conventions, and the comics fandom as a whole (see the second half of the post)

As far as our regular fare is concerned, here's what we cooked up in October:

- A celebration of The END DAY, the 1997 apocalypse predicted by the NES game Crystalis

- An explanation of why October is the best month of the year

- Some hypothetical ponderings over how superheroes might fare in the job market if they really existed

- Assorted recommendations for anime, comics, music, video games, and food

- Our weekly comics news feature, Waiting for Wednesday, issues thirty-two, thirty-three, thirty-four, and thirty-five

- A discussion about Alex's plans for the Baltimore Comic-Con, and vague hints about a writing job he can't really talk about

- My argument for why I like the Star Wars prequels better than the original trilogy

- A guest post about the New York Anime Festival, which was also the debut of our fancy new "Guest Post!" logo

- A recap of Alex's experience at the Baltimore Comic-Con and some convention news

- A contest to further celebrate 10,000 hits where our readers voted on what new hobby/fandom Alex and I should both experience

- A Halloween book recommendation of Sundays with Vlad: From Transylvania to Pennsylvania, One Man's Quest to Live in the World of the Undead by Paul Bibeau

- An introduction to Pandora, a customizable Internet radio station

- Suggested Halloween reading of comics and graphic novels

- A digression about the challenge of labeling blog posts

- A review of the creepy Halloween cult film Trick 'r Treat

- A quick blurb about candy

- My explanation of why I don't like Halloween

- A trio of Halloween-appropriate Batman comic book covers

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