Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Waiting for Wednesday, Volume 3, Issue 12

Snow. Again. Yay.

This time, a week into spring. Ridiculous. Annoying. And it'll add plenty of time to my commute home tonight. It's been a crazy, frustrating winter (and spring, so far), and I am very much looking forward to the summertime.

And Bar-B-Ques and baseball and eating lunch outside.

I'm also looking forward to today's new comics (and I'm awesome at segues), and, looking at the ol' shipping list for today, it looks like there's plenty of shiny and new ready to be purchased this week.

Lots of trades, especially. Since there are so many of them, let's just dive right in.

First up, from Dark Horse, we have a collection that I'm looking forward to reading, despite the fact that I know very little about it. I've heard of the critically acclaimed series, Finder, by Carla Speed McNeil, and I've watched and read interviews with the creator, but I've never actually read the series.

Come to think of it, I don't think I've ever even seen the series in more than one of the comics shops I haunt on a regular basis.
So, finally today, I get to fix that as Dark Horse releases The Finder Library, volume one, which is their first step in collecting the entire series in a set of very nice trade paperbacks.

Here's the solicitation information for this first library edition:

Lose yourself in a world beyond your wildest dreams ....

Since 1996, Finder has set the bar for science--fiction storytelling, with a lush, intricate world and compelling characters. Now, Dark Horse is proud to present the first four story arcs of Carla Speed McNeil's groundbreaking series in a single, affordably priced volume!

Follow enigmatic hero Jaeger through a "glorious, catholic pileup of high-tech SF, fannish fantasy, and street-level culture clash" (Village Voice), and discover the lush world and compelling characters that have carved Finder a permanent place in the pantheon of independent comics.

* This first of two Finder Library volumes collects the multiple Eisner Award--nominated story arcs Sin Eater, King of Cats, and fan--favorite Talisman.

* Introduction by Douglas Wolk (Reading Comics).

As mentioned, I've wanted to read this book for a while now, and since it's finally being collected in big chunks, I'm very excited to jump on board.

Next up, we have one of my favorite titles, from two of my favorite creators. Demo, volume two, from writer Brian Wood and artist Becky Cloonan, ships today.
Demo is a series of one-shot stories about young protagonists trying to figure things out. Some of these characters show signs of certain extraordinary powers, others do not.

I didn't pick up that first volume in singles, but as I started reading more of Brian Wood's work, I circled back to the trade. And I was happy I did. Wood is fast becoming my favorite writer in comics, and Demo is a big reason why.

Here's the blurb for this week's volume two:

"A character-driven drama...Wood proves himself to be a master of done-in-one storytelling." – IGN

The Eisner-nominated, critically acclaimed project by writer Brian Wood and artist Becky Cloonan returns in this collection of the second six-issue miniseries. Don't miss these new stories of conflicted teens grappling with love, loss and the joy of finding their way in life while dealing with their unexpected super-powers.

Check this one out, folks. I think it'll appeal to fans of slice-of-life comics, as well as to fans of supers. Plus, Cloonan's art, as always, is spectacular.

Next up, we have another one of those smaller press books that proved to be...difficult to track down in single issues. Greg Rucka's Stumptown, from Oni Press, has been one of those great indie reads that shops seem to order way too few of.
And, after a mix-up at my LCS that ended with me missing out on issues one and two, catching up with the story got pretty tough. So I made sure to order this hardcover collection of the first arc, and it should be waiting for me this afternoon.

Stumptown is a crime story set in Portland and featuring a strong female main character--a specialty of Rucka's. For all those who say that there aren't any well-written female characters in comics, well. Do yourself a favor and read some Greg Rucka comics.

And start with Stumptown.

Here's the blurb for this first arc:

Dex Parios is the proprietor of Stumptown Investigations, and a fairly talented P.I. Unfortunately, she's less adept at throwing dice than solving cases. Her recent streak has left her beyond broke - she's in to the Confederated Tribes of the Wind Coast for 18 large.

But maybe Dex's luck is about to change. Sue-Lynne, head of the Wind Coast's casino operation, will clear Dex's debt if she can locate Sue-Lynne's missing granddaughter. But is this job Dex's way out of the hole or a shove down one much much deeper?

And, finally today, we have something a little more mainstream. From Marvel Comics and writer Brian Bendis, Ultimate Spider-Man, issue 156, kicks off the much-hyped "Death of Spider-Man" event.
When I tell you that this is the best mainstream super hero book on the stands today, I hope you believe me. In his 156-issue run thus far, Bendis has shaped the Spider mythos for a new generation, and in a landscape where books by big-name creative teams are almost expected to come out late, he has consistently delivered an on-time product of the highest quality.

I really and truly can't say enough good things about this book, and I'm sorry I don't write about it more often. It has been one of the very few constants in my reading over the last eight years.

Here's the blurb from Marvel:


THE most shocking Spider-Man story you will ever read! Young Peter Parker has led a heroic life and tried to live by the simple and powerful philosophy that with great power comes great responsibility, but will that philosophy be enough to save him from the horror that awaits him here?

This is easily the most important story in Ultimate Spider-Man history and maybe the most important story in the Ultimate Universe. Who better to illustrate it than Ultimate Spider-Man legend MARK BAGLEY, making his mighty Marvel return!! Bendis and Bagley back together again and just-in-time!!

Do yourself a favor. If this new story line interests you, pick up last month's issue 155. It was a beautifully told story wherein Peter Parker essentially gets everything he's ever wanted.

And, if you know Spider-Man at all, you know that can't be a good thing.

Oh, and original series artist Mark Bagley returns. That alone should sell you on this book.

Right. I see I'm running about 10 minutes late here. So, let's cut this thing short and post it up. Before I hit that "Publish" button, though, what are you Waiting for?

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