Sunday, March 20, 2011

Wow, I AM a Minor Internet Celebrity

More than a year ago, I discussed how I was gradually becoming an extremely minor Internet celebrity thanks to my Mega Man videos on YouTube. Yes, we're talking about Mega Man yet another day. Alex will be posting about something completely different tomorrow, I assure you. Anydigression, I now have proof that I'm officially a minor Internet celebrity. No, it's not the 1803 subscribers and 289 friends I have on YouTube.

It's the fact that I have fan videos made specifically for or because of me.

A number of people have made videos inspired by the silly and impressive things I do in my video playthroughs and glitch videdos, sometimes using video or audio clips (with permission, of course). I'm honored, flattered, and just the slightest bit weirded out that I'd have that effect on anyone, but ultimately, I think they're pretty cool.

Today I've got two samples for your enjoyments (yes, "enjoyments," it's plural): the first is channel introduction video/movie-style trailer that highlights some of the coolest stuff I've pulled in my videos, and it makes me look like a total action hero. The second is best enjoyed if you've watched the Mega Man cartoon show and have seen a few of the videos in which I do some horrible voice acting. Fantastic stuff all around.


JoeReviewer said...

Wow. Featured on Exfanding. I am honored! Thanks!

Flashman85 said...

No, thank you!

Soft said...

YAY! My Trailer Intro thingy :) :) go geminiLAZOOR !