Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Let's Play Game Videos

Here's a neat idea: Take the popularity of "Let's Play" videos on YouTube and give a dedicated home to the idea on a website devoted to video game playthroughs. Organize the videos by game name, system, player, and populartiy; throw in a forum; post some news updates. Instant community for gamers, and for those who game vicariously.

LPG is only just getting started, but what's there so far looks very promising. Thanks to TheSlumberjack for the heads-up!


JoeReviewer said...

Schweet. I've already put up the first playthroughs of Mega Man 6 and Power Battle for the site (well, as soon as they get approved) Thanks for the heads up! :)

TMNTgrl25 said...

Might be worth a shot. Thanks for the link!

CuntrySongAndMegaman said...

I would join, but juggling this website with FourForgottenFangs (another of many LP communities) would be challenging.