Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Month in Review: July 2012

With the largest redesign in the blog's history, the smallest number of posts since the first month we were blogging, and the longest amount of time we've ever gone without hearing from one of the two gentlemen responsible for this blog, July is undoubtedly one of the most notable months in Exfanding history--and that's even before we get to the actual content. With a reduced posting schedule giving us more time to write, and big things going on in our lives and the rest of the world, we had plenty to say...and we finally had all the time we needed to say it.

- My excuses for failing to post a Sunday Spotlight--and hopefully the last filler post for a very long time

- Exfanding's very first comic strip, featuring a little bit of social commentary

- A look at the financial hurdles of bringing an independently produced children's book to print

- The story of my second chance to see James Taylor in concert

- Thoughts about self-publishing and the shortcomings of the publishing industry following the near-completion of Alex's aforementioned indie book

- A recap of my contributions to videogame humor website GameCola.net in June and July

- Waiting for Wednesday, Volume 4, Issue 54, which serves as a preface to Alex's extended absence from the blog as he discusses where things stand and the risks he's about to take

- A report on Comic-Con International 2012 from someone who's not attending the convention

- Sunday Spotlight on toasters, the sci-fi video game Scurge: Hive, and the ridiculous, action-packed anime series Gurren Lagann

- The announcement of our major overhaul of the blog, complete with vintage Exfanding logo and our old layout preserved for posterity.

- A link to a new home for "Let's Play" videos

- A lengthy and, I hope, thought-provoking exploration of regressive progress and the crisis of communication

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