Friday, November 2, 2012

GameCola Recap: October 2012

Just as October was a significant month here at Exfanding, so it was for me at videogame-humor-turned-obscure-gaming website Aside from my regular contribution to the monthly "Q&AmeCola" staff questions column, I completed one major endeavor with the help of my fellow staff writers, and embarked upon a new one unlike anything else I've done so far for GameCola...
Enjoy a hefty helping of collaboration this time around:


- GameCola’s Most Essential/Influential Games of All Time (S-Z)

- Q&AmeCola: What’s in the Cube?


- Crystalis D&Dcast – Part 1: The Adventure Begins…If We Ever Leave the Inn

- [NSFW] Crystalis D&Dcast – Part 2: Cave Story

- [NSFW] Crystalis D&Dcast – Part 3: The Slippery Slope

- [NSFW] Crystalis D&Dcast – Part 4: Like Stealing +9 Armor From a Baby

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