Friday, November 30, 2012

GameCola Recap: November 2012

November seems to have been the all-podcast month for me at obscure gaming website And I'm still having trouble describing the site in a way that flows. "Videogame humor website" worked so well, but we've changed our slogan to "GameCola: Gaming Outside the Mainstream!". That's a little cumbersome to drop into casual conversation, though it still works as a slogan. But "obscure gaming website" sounds less like we talk about obscure games, and more like nobody's ever heard of us. Both of which are true.

Whoo, that's a dense-looking paragraph. Better get to the part where I hyperlink to stuff.


- GC Podcast #55: Gaming Outside the Mainstream

- Off-Topic Podcast #3: The Thirties


- GC Podcast #38 on YouTube: Too Many Podcasters

- GC Podcast #39-40 on YouTube: The (Rest of the) Mike and Jeddy Show

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