Monday, June 22, 2009

Getting in the Way

It's been a crazy couple of weeks. Unfortunately for me, it hasn't been the fun kind of crazy, either. Quite the opposite, really. It's alternated between the "get home at 8:00 and crash" kind of crazy and the "finish one job at 6:00 and head out to another job at 6:30" kind of crazy.

And, honestly, with the way things are these days, I'm just happy to be headed to a job at all.

I guess the "good news" is that my other job is well on its way to becoming my "former job," as my business partner and I have run into some not-so-unforeseen troubles the past few weeks. They're things I had entirely predicted might happen, so it's a case of no harm, no foul at the moment. And, since it's a company that I own, I guess it'll never really be a "former" job.

And it's not like business has gone away. We still have clients, and we are still actively looking for more, but we also need to be realistic and so we have altered the business plan. Adapt or die, I guess. So far, it's a case of a few bucks lost, sure, but in the end it's nothing that can't be made up for.


A while ago I wrote about doing what you love, and making a career of the very thing that gives you the most joy in life. To make a career out of a passion, to wave a particular finger at the establishment, and to live in a four color world.

With all the garbage that's taken place over the last few weeks (and I'm off to a great start this Monday morning, by the way), a couple of Very Good Things have happened. One has something to do with the graphic novel that I have written, and is being drawn now. I'm currently in Waiting Mode, and I don't want to say anything for fear of jinxing the whole thing. But, good or bad, I will write about what happens when Waiting Mode is over. I promise.

But I will say that I don't remember a time when I was more in need of Very Good News. As usual, I don't have a very good feeling about it, but we'll see.

The other Very Good Thing is something that I'm just getting started with, and it's a rather large step towards that whole "doing what you love" theory of existence. All the work I've put into things over the past few months SHOULD have been directed at doing what I love. It will be now.

Yes, I'll still be working stupid hours. But there's now the faintest light at the end of the tunnel, and believe me--all any of us every really need is a little light and a reminder that things are what we make of them.

Or what we make them into.

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