Monday, June 1, 2009

GameCola June Issue Is Here!

Well, June has arrived, and so has the latest issue of GameCola, the Internet's favorite (and possibly only) humorous video game newsletter. My contributions this month aren't nearly as numerous as last month's, but there's more than enough to satisfy my adoring fan(s).

Final Fantasy: About Random Battles screenshotFirst up is my column about Flash games and animations, Flash Flood. This month I talk about how no fewer than three new GameCola columns have copied my style, and then I go on to review Flash videos about Final Fantasy games.

Last up is my review of the PC spy game, The Operative: No One Lives Forever, which is proof that I can write about more games than just Mega Man. NOLF is a first-person shooter with plenty of action, humor, and fez-clad goons.

No One Lives Forever screenshot: Fighting a Moroccan thugOther highlights for this issue include many good articles and reviews I'm currently too lazy to mention by name.

If you enjoy GameCola, please become a friend on Facebook, and take a peek at the numerous videos on the GameCola YouTube Channel. There you'll find a video walkthrough series for both Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney and Day of the Tentacle, plus playthroughs of Final Fantasy VI Advance and too many Mega Man games to count (assuming you can't count that high). Go wild!

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