Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sidetracked Saturday

Here's the short version: I had one big post planned for this weekend, and if that fell through, a backup post that was worthy of being up for two days in a row. Due to timing issues, both my primary and secondary plans fell apart, and now it's a little after 3 AM and I have nothing to give you before I leave for the weekend, and it's probably best not to wake Alex at this hour and ask him to write up a quick post.

Still, we've made a commitment to post on every day except Sunday, and I'd like to at least have something here that might be worth your time, especially considering we have this super-easy contest going on and we should really be writing our best stuff to attract people and encourage them to participate.

Well, this won't be my best stuff, and I apologize for that. In fact, it won't even be my stuff.

If you've been reading GameCola (which I hope you are, if you like my writing at all), you may know we have a YouTube channel that we add too rather frequently, and it's not all video games. However, a lot of good stuff goes unnoticed.

GameCola YouTube channel backgroundBelow is a selection of some of the more recent things we've put up. Take a gander:

- Clips from the TV cartoon show Doug [Removed! Nevermind!]

- A humorous run of the Super Famicom game Super Back to the Future Part II

- A helpful video walkthrough for the first episode of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney for the GBA

- Clips from various Shirley Temple films [Totally not there! Fughgeddaboudit!]

- A complete video walkthrough of the PC adventure game Day of the Tentacle

- The first portion of a blind run of Final Fantasy VI Advance for the GBA

- A complete video walkthrough of Mega Man X for the SNES

[Editor's note: These videos were originally embedded, but when the blog slowed to a crawl, we transformed them into links. We hope you understand.]

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