Saturday, July 18, 2009

This Week On Exfanding...

Just a quick head's up today about what's in store for the blog in the coming week. Monday through Saturday on Exfanding, we will be discussing six different fandoms in-depth, ranging from the expected (comics, anime, video games) to the maybe-not-so-expected (you'll just have to wait and see, Bucky).

There will be lots of writing on our part, so come see if we can manage to post on schedule while still holding down our day jobs! Oooh, it'll be like an evil game show.

And, as always, each post will be chock-full of that trademark snark and dorkiness you've come to expect from us. Also, as the week progresses, we encourage everyone to chime in with your own thoughts on each of the fandoms we plan on covering--and if you have a certain fandom you'd like to introduce us to, well, let us know!

Oh, and just so you don't feel cheated by of today's "post," here's a little Saturday ranting, courtesy of Yours Truly.

You know what I hate? Nothing! Now stop trolling the Internet and go outside and play...or go buy some comics.

Yeah, do that.

See you all Monday.

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