Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thursday Comics

Well, ya see...what had happened was...

So, today I had planned on writing a review of the big Wednesday Comics launch issue that hit stands yesterday, comics shop did not get any issues in. Diamond didn't ship one of the several boxes of stuff that my LCS receives every week, and of course, Wednesday Comics was in that box.

Along with, ahem, Green Lantern (Blackest Night), and Amazing Spider-Man, issue 600.

The three biggest books of the week, and Diamond didn't ship them to a comics shop that has managed to survive for two decades in a highly competitive area by being honest and fair and friendly.


It's amazing--and I mean truly amazing--how ANY comics shop stays in business these days, let alone comics shops that don't receive product on the day it ships. I mean, the online sites are fast and easy and oftentimes cheaper. And that's not even considering the breadth of stuff available (for far below retail) on eBay.

So, instead of a post about Wednesday Comics, the book, let's talk about Wednesday comics the...uh...thing. As in, the Wednesday shipping date and my plea to all comics fans out there.

If you haunt a particular shop each week, be loyal to that shop.

If you get to the store on Wednesday, and your LCS is out of a book--even if it's your absolute favorite book--don't go elsewhere to buy it.


Remember, your LCS owner has already ordered and paid for the books coming to his or her store. So, if you are a regular buyer of, say, The Goon, and your LCS owner gets ten copies of the book each month knowing that you buy one of them, and then you don't buy it...

Well, you see where this rambling is going. And that's not even mentioning those...I'll call them people...who special order books (or two hundred dollar statues) and just don't ever show up to buy their stuff.

In all of the above cases, the retailer gets stuck holding the bag. And, believe me, as someone who always, always, always gets stuck holding the bag--that stinks.

Ew. Sorry for that metaphor.

Anyway, be loyal to and support your LCS because without them...well, where would this hobby be?

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