Tuesday, August 11, 2009

8,000 Hits (Or, Our Super Secret Origin Story)

This page has now been viewed over 8,000 times.

Yes, there are sites that get as many visitors in an hour, and yes, it has taken us nearly a full year to get to this number.


We started this blog, on a whim really, one day in August about a year ago during a lunch break. We were sitting outside, in the courtyard of our office building, in the August heat, tired of whatever crazy project we were working on at the moment.

Actually, I know precisely what project we were working on at the moment, and I know precisely how stupid said project was. And I know Nathaniel does, too. But, hey, this blog is now officially an Internet juggernaut, and we wouldn't want to hurt anyone's feelings.

Anyway, as we sat there on that hot, boring, tedious August afternoon, Nathaniel and I started talking about Otakon, and how I honestly had absolutely no idea what that was. And then he said a bunch of different words that I had honestly never heard of in my life, and he continued to speak of such things with great passion.

And I continued to listen intently, not knowing what in the world he was talking about. Something to do with costumes and characters and these weird Japanese cartoons where everything moves very fast across the screen.

Had I seen them, he'd ask every now and then, but the answer was always the same. "Um, no."

Still, I shook my head and listened, and ate my turkey sandwich happily, and finally I decided to share my own geek interests. I brought up Frank Miller, and Brian Bendis, and The Goon, and Watchmen.

"Have you read any of them?" I'd ask, every now and then, but the answer was always the same. "Um, no."

It was at this point that we both thought the other should be introduced to things like Star Wars and The Dark Knight Returns and RPGs and Ultimate Spider-Man and Star Trek and Mega Man.

And then we decided that it would be fun to talk about the geeky things we love, and to share personal stories of said geekiness with as many people as possible. We could introduce others online to some of the books we read, or TV shows we watch, or even stores we haunt on a weekly basis.

And thus, a blog was born.

You know, just a little something for fun. For our sanity's sake. A few minutes a day to not pore over the minutia of textbooks that we're editing, or lesson plans we're preparing, or whatever other jobs Nathaniel and I have worked in over the past year or so.

And now we have over 8,000 hits. A small step for man, sure, but a giant leap for our nerdiness.

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