Monday, August 3, 2009

Month in Review: July 2009

July started out like any other blogging month, but lots of discussion about the direction of the blog and the conclusion of one or two time-consuming side projects gave us the jumpstart we needed to make July one of our strongest blogging months in a while. July marked our return to "the basics" of what Exfanding Your Horizons is all about, renewing our focus and giving us plenty of inspiration for the weeks to come.

An overview of what we wrote should help to emphasize all this:

- Our weekly comics news feature, Waiting for Wednesday, issues nineteen, twenty, twenty-one, and twenty-two

- A summary of my contributions to the final issue of GameCola

- An announcement of the winners of our June contest

- A few quotes to celebrate Independence Day

- YouTube videos of me playing through Mega Man 4, complete with retrospective audio commentary

- A review of The Walking Dead, Book 1, a continuing comics story of survival horror

- An introduction to the nearly spoiler-free Universal Hint System for video games

- A discussion about unshipped comics and LCS loyalty

- A discussion about my creative difficulties in writing for this blog

- An in-depth introduction to collecting original comics art

- An important update concerning the future of this very blog

- A review of the newspaper-style Wednesday Comics

- A reflection on sharing your geekiness with someone else and acting like a little kid

- An introduction to Dave Matthews Band, along with some of Alex's personal music philosophy

- An announcement of a week-long blogging project that would bring us "back to basics," and my sorry explanation for why we didn't start the project on time

- An in-depth explanation of the basics of video games

- An in-depth explanation of the basics of comics

- An in-depth explanation of the basics of roleplaying

- An in-depth explanation of the basics of horror

- An in-depth explanation of the basics of music

- An in-depth explanation of the basics of food

- A quick overview of the biggest news to come out of Comic Con, including an update on the voice cast for the upcoming Goon movie

- An in-depth look at the music of Eric Clapton and the stories behind it

- A teaser for Alex's new book project

- An introduction to all the blogs listed in our blogroll

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