Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sundry Side Projects

To follow up on my recent post concerning, in part, my creative geek endeavors, I'd like to familiarize you with some of the geek stuff Alex and I do outside of this blog, as featured in our magnificent sidebar. Most of these have already received attention at one point, but there's no harm in bringing them up (read: advertising) them again.

Maleev sketch of Dardevil YellowAlex's Comic Art Fans Gallery

A collection of the original comics art Alex has collected, including pages and sketches from such artists as Eric Powell (The Goon), Mark Bagley (Ultimate Spider-Man), Kelley Jones (Batman), Richard Moore (Boneyard), David Finch (Moon Knight), and many more.

Alex's Review of The Goon

Alex's short-yet-informative review of The Goon #21, posted on the illustrious Comics Bulletin website.

Nathaniel's D&D Guest Posts

In-depth guest posts concerning, respectively, adjusting the difficulty of battles and addressing issues with campaign continuity in Dungeons & Dragons, written for the roleplaying blog Beneath the Screen.

Nathaniel's Jedi Knight II Levels

Jedi Knight II multiplayer level, Shadow ArenaCustom-built multiplayer levels for the PC game Star Wars: Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast; no new levels have been added for several years, but the ones there include a fairly simple arena with some surprisingly attractive lighting, a complex tower with narrow hallways and a variety of areas with destructable walls and floors, a multi-tiered vertical level that drops you into the game with a randomized weapon each time you respawn, and a level that is essentially a tremendous elevator shaft with platforms that rise and fall at various rates.

Red, a Flash gameNathaniel's Articles at GameCola

My contributions to humorous videogame website GameCola, including an amusing column called Flash Flood that covers various Flash games and animations, my participation in several silly podcasts, and funny reviews of games such as Pong, No One Lives Forever, and about half of the classic Mega Man series.

Nathaniel's Reviews at GameFAQs

Video game reviews that tend to be a little less irreverent than the ones at GameCola, including reviews of Zork, Final Fantasy V Advance, and the Space Quest series, among others.

Nathaniel's YouTube Channel

Videos of me playing through different Mega Man games, complete with retrospective audio commentary. In addition, there are bonus videos of bloopers, interesting glitches, amazing feats, and other fun things that didn't make it into the final videos for each game.

Screenshot from Mega Man 4

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