Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Backloggery: Keeping track of your video games so you don't have to

If you've got a backlog of video games you somehow never get around to playing, or if you have a nasty habit of playing a game almost to the end and then never beating it, or even if you enjoy showing off your large collection of games, then The Backloggery is for you.
The Backloggery is a handy website where you can keep a record of all the games you've ever played and whether or not you've beaten them. There are four main categories for each game: Unfinished, Beaten (meaning you've simply reached the end of the game), Completed (meaning you've beaten it and found all the secrets and easter eggs, etc.), and Mastered (meaning you've gone above and beyond completing the game and now have a real geek claim to fame for it).
Additionally, you can rate the games, keep track of how many achievements you've unlocked (if applicable), and highlight games you're currently playing. There's also a Fortune Cookie option that's great for indecisive gamers--you can let the computer randomly suggest a game off of your list for you to play next.
The Backloggery also gives you a grand total of your overall completion of all the games on your list, which might give you the push you need to play through your backlog when you see the number of Unfinished games far outweighs what you've beaten.

If nothing else, it's fun to see just how many games you've ever played, and how many you've finished. There's the potential for some real gamer cred here.

You can visit The Backloggery here:

And, if you're interested, take a peek at my fairly extensive backloggery:

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