Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Month in Review: August 2009

August marked one whole year of Exfanding Your Horizons, and we went into overdrive trying to fit as many dynamite posts as possible into the last two weeks leading up to the blog's birthday. Overall, August was host to some of the deepest, geekiest, and most personal posts we've ever written, and we were both very satisfied with all we wrote.

August was pretty light on introductory posts, but you can see for yourself how deeply rooted in our fandoms the posts were:

- An introduction to and massive recap of my memorable visit to Star Trek: The Exhibition, parts one, two, and three

- An announcement about why there was no announcement of a new GameCola this month, which you should have read because it was Nathaniel Hoover Day

- Our weekly comics news feature, Waiting for Wednesday, issues twenty-three, twenty-four, twenty-five, and twenty-six

- A post where Alex bemoans writer's block and his difficult week

- A celebration of our blog reaching 8000 hits, in which we explain the super-secret origin story of the blog

- A post called Knowledge Makes You Dumb, written after being seriously humbled by another gamer

- An update on one of Alex's comics projects

- An ever-growing list of our geek claims to fame

- A humorous review of the NES game Mighty Bomb Jack, which is one of the worst video games I've ever played

- A story about rediscovering the joy of reading comics

- The tale of our wild journey to four different comics shops in one day

- An introduction to The Time Traveler's Wife, a powerful story of love between a man who travels through time and a woman who is perpetually left waiting for him to return

- A celebration of the blog's first birthday!

- A review of Filthy Rich and Dark Entries from the Vertigo Crime imprint of DC Comics, which is more of a review of the packaging than the stories

- A rare post where Alex actually writes about a video game--specifically, Batman: Arkham Asylum

- A discussion of how great it felt for me to switch from geek output to geek input

- A review of the Spider-Woman motion comic and a discussion of how technology is shaping the future of comics

- An official introduction to our various geek projects listed in the blog's sidebar

- A news flash concerning the acquisition of Marvel Entertainment by The Walt Disney Company

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