Saturday, September 26, 2009

Saturday Blogtastic

As that number on the right side of this page (the Feed Reader number, I mean) grows at an alarming rate, I find myself thinking more and more about Dave Chapelle. (And for those who got that joke, I hope you laughed. For those who didn't, don't worry, it's not important and will in no way impact your enjoyment of today's post.)


So, onto today's post. Erm...yeah...about that. Y'see, typically I have a plan for what I want to write about, and typically, I stick to that plan pretty closely. Sure, I'll veer off into different directions and segue into (sometimes baffling) digressions that will, I'm sure, one day be used against me in a court of law.

But, still. At least there's a plan. Or a semblance of one. Or even just an idea of what I want to talk about. Today, though. Sheesh. Lemme tell ya--today, I got nothin.

Maybe it's the week I'm having, maybe it's (as a former fellow employee said to me yesterday) "the gut punch after gut punch" that I've been taking without being able to fight back. Maybe it's that chicken burrito I ate for lunch two days ago, trying to reintroduce itself to me this morning. (I bet it's that.)

Whatever the case may be, I have nothing to write about today. And, I have to admit, I lied a bit earlier when I said this has never happened before. It has happened, though, luckily, pretty rarely, in the past.

But, during those times when the words don't want to come, I'd usually just forge ahead with a link dump post or ask Nathaniel to cover for me. One time I told him that I can't post today have family coming over. Yeah...that's it. Family. And I have to make sure I don't burn the know, so as not to ruin the family get-together...

Luckily, Nathaniel is fairly gullible when it comes to such things.

Though, I have to admit, he did sound a bit skeptical that time I told him about the runaway orangutan in my neighborhood and the posse that I was charged with leading to ensure its capture and safe return to the traveling Gypsy caravan that was camping out on my street.

"I didn't think traveling Gypsy caravans came this far north," Nathaniel said, and added, "Were they by chance performing Shakespeare?"

"At night, yes," I replied.

And that was that. Case closed.

But, today. Well, let's just say that I've run out of excuses to get myself out of a weekend post. So, instead, you all get to sit through my nonsense. That's OK, though, because luckily, as I was stalling up top there (that whole orangutan thing, while totally true, was something I'd sworn a long time ago never to repeat), I managed to think of something to write about.

And I have to say, I like it.

What I think I'll do for this Very Special Writer's Block Edition of EyH is to adapt a sort of Quick Hits format, where I'll run down a few of the recent (dorky) things that I love, and hate. And then I'll give a one or two line explanation of why I love or hate each thing. And, yes, before you ask, the one or two line explanations will be snarky and witty.

Let's right to it, then...

The restructuring of DC Comics into DC Entertainment A reactionary move on DC's part to that whole Disney buying Marvel thing, for sure, but one that might benefit everyone involved--including you and me. (But not Nathaniel.) As a prominent comics writer put it on a recent podcast, this is a very good time to be a creator for either company, and it's a very good time to be a fan of either company.

There will be renewed interest on the part of Warners in DC Comics' properties, and hopefully the DC Comics people will be the ones in charge of writing and creating these new films. Geoff Johns on the Flash film, for example. A Very Good Thing.

Speaking of podcasts...

Word Balloon, The Comic Book Conversation Show is a must-listen for any fan of the medium. John Siuntres, the host, lines up the best in comics personalities, from editors and writers and artists to journalists and actors. His interviews are always in-depth, and while they are in the question and answer format, they do feel much more like two people talking about comics than a run of the mill interview.

Siuntres is the Charlie Rose of the comics world, and his show deserves wider attention. Check out his Web site, and give a listen to a few of his interviews. They are all backlogged on the site, and available for free download on iTunes.

Just this week, he has over-an-hour-long talks with Brian Michael Bendis, Ed Brubaker, and Rick Remender.

The Comixology Comics App for the iPhone This one I have some mixed feelings about. Basically, this is an app that allows the user to read a downloaded comic on the iPhone (or other mobile device). It's MUCH better than any other mobile comics reader out there, as there is a nice synergy between the player and the comic art itself.

Instead of presenting full pages, each screen is a single panel, and you can move to the next panel by touching the phone's screen. The player doesn't simply click to the next panel, though, it moves as if your eyes were following the page in a printed comic.

It's cool, and the prices for the downloads are always under $2.00. Plus, there are a bunch of free previews available for immediate download every day. BUT, I'm just not yet sold on the whole digital reader thing. I don't much like the Kindle from Amazon, and while I realize that paper is dying and the future (the present, really) is the digital file...

I just can't let go of paper, man.

Not to mention that the comics retailers can''s the downloads. Which leaves them where, exactly? The comics shop is my escape from the world, and I really do not want to see them going the way of a mid-80s Jean Grey. Or a mid-90s Jean Grey. Or a mid-2000s--you get the idea.

But make up your own mind by checking out their Web site at I will say that their Comixology app, which provides users with a constantly updating list of newly shipping product, is an invaluable tool for the discerning comics crazy person. Like me. So check that out, too.

OK, well, this isn't exactly "Quick"'s almost over, though--I promise. Let's go one line responses to the last few items. Yeah, that sounds like a plan.

Neil Gaiman filming a movie? I'm so there.

Batman: Arkham Asylum video game official Exfanding Review? I am Batman. And so can you!

The surprise Image Comics smash hit Chew? One of the weirdest, funniest, best books in comics today. (But good luck finding the single issues at retail prices--wait for the soon-to-be-released trade!)

Annnd...that's all she wrote for today.

Enjoy the weekend, everyone, and I apologize for the insanity (and inanity!) of this post.


Scott said...

You're a little late to Neil's movie; he wrapped and finished production a while ago. :P

I remember the Flash TV show from when I was a kid; I really enjoyed watching it and was disappointed when it disappeared. I think I was too young then to understand "ratings" or "cancellation". One thing I remember being really weirded out by was the texture of the suit -- it looked like velvet or something.

I love it when I read comics and find typos. And by love it, I mean, I don't love it. I just found one in The Incredible Hulk. :x

At least they could fix that with digital downloads -- patches for comics!

There are several iPod touch applications out there to let you read the commonly-recognized comic files (cbr, cbz) with the usually pinch-to-zoom interface, then dragging your finger along to read at the chosen zoom. They're not great, but they always appealed to me more than a panel at a time.

AJG said...

If I remember correctly, the Flash show was on Thursday nights. I watched it every week and thought it was the coolest thing there was, and I wasn't even a big Flash fan.

And I agree about the suit. I remember thinking that to touch it would be like using a toothbrush on a tomato--it'd give you chills.

Yes, that's right. A toothbrush on a tomato.