Sunday, January 31, 2010

Month in Review: January 2010

January was a month of significant changes. First, we started pretending like we're a real website and got our own domain, Second, we started posting on Sundays, which were formerly declared a blogging holiday. Third, Alex started up a new naming convention for his weekly comics news feature, Waiting for Wednesday. Fourth, if it weren't for a guest post called Kendo: Modern-Day Swordplay, we would have lost our license to call this blog "Exfanding Your Horizons," because we hardly did anything of the sort; neither Alex nor I formally introduced a single fandom this month.

However, we did plenty of other kinds of writing:

- Alex's New Year's resoutions for me, and my New Year's resolutions for Alex
- Our Year in Review, a retrospective look at our favorite posts of 2009
- A joint review of Seven Samurai, the final installment in our introduction to the films of Akira Kurosawa
- Volume Two of Waiting for Wednesday, issues one, two, three, and four
- A review of the book Comic Con: 40 Years
- Alex's tale of how bad he is at video games
- A celebration of the return of GameCola, a video game humor website for which I am a staff writer
- A review of Superman: Red Son, an alternate-reality story where Kal-El ended up in Soviet Russia instead of a farm in Kansas
- A discussion about Star Trek playsets and action figures, parts one and two
- A celebration of our domain change to
- A discussion of spoilers in comics
- A review of the James Cameron film Avatar
- A discussion of how reprinted comics are affecting shelf space where comics are sold
- A story about a fun day trip Alex and I took, and the good things to come out of it
- A lament about the challenges I face in recording Mega Man videos for YouTube
- A random Sunday post about the ridiculous Italian Spiderman
- An unexpected interlude about how my little sister is engaged
- A story about my rise, fall, and gradual return to being an avid reader
- A tale of reading comics during a power outage
- A discussion of the Apple iPad, especially as it relates to the comics industry
- A celebration of the blog reaching 15,000 hits


Scott said...

Have you guys thought about doing a new layout/design to celebrate the domain?

Flashman85 said...

A thousand apologies for taking so preposterously long to respond.

As things stand, we've just about reached the peak of what we're capable of in terms of making the blog looks all spiffy. Other than switching up the banner and fine-tuning what's already in place, there's not much more I can do without either going to the trouble of actually learning full-blown HTML or finding someone else to do everything for me.

Honestly, Alex and I are pretty content with what we've got, though we're certainly open to suggestions, as this not necessarily how the blog should look for all eternity.