Saturday, February 13, 2010

Some Saturday Randomness

Word Balloon podcast logoJust a quick link today to a podcast that is certainly worth the time of any mainstream comic book fan.

From the excellent Word Balloon: The Comic Book Interview podcast, host John Siuntres (who is the Charlie Rose of the comics world) interviews DC artist Ethan Van Sciver.

Van Sciver, who is currently drawing the Geoff Johns-penned Flash: Rebirth, and was the artist on the mega hit, Green Lantern: Rebirth, is known as one of the finest craftsmen in the business. His attention to detail in every panel has made his work popular with fans from every generation, and he's one of my favorite artists of the past decade.

The Word Balloon interview is in-depth and even delves into some personal issues, and it provides a great peek into the life of a top tier comics creator.

If you're reading Flash: Rebirth, then you know that the book has suffered some (massive) delays this past year, and Ethan talks openly and honestly about the reasons behind those delays with Siuntres, and apologizes to and thanks his fans.

Van Sciver is known for being very opinionated and incredibly passionate about the comic book business and the characters that he draws, and for me, the most interesting part of the interview comes when Ethan talks about the uneven--and, in his mind, unfair--balance between writers and artists in today's comics landscape.

A stark difference from the artist-heavy 1990s when the focus of each story centered on big splash pages that showed off an artist's talent, the 2000s have been dominated by writers. In the interview, we get to hear why this shift has maybe gone too far to one side of the aisle.

There's some really great "inside baseball" talk about the comics industry, and I highly recommend giving it a listen, if you can.

You can check out the full interview right here, and it's also available on iTunes. Just search for Word Balloon, and you'll find the entire archive of the show.

Siuntres is the best interviewer in comics today, and I really hope you guys check out his show.

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