Saturday, February 27, 2010

Wolf Man Saturday

Welcome to a very special, "Whoops, I Thought Nathaniel was Posting Today" edition of Exfanding Your Horizons. I have very little to say this afternoon, which is shocking because that's just never the case with me.

Add to that the fact that I have one foot out the door as I need to get on my way in order to catch the showing of The Wolfman, and you can bet your stack of worthless variants that I'm going to make this quick and (hopefully) painless.

Since I'm off to the movies for just the second time since Dark Knight came out (seriously, I never go the movies anymore), it got me thinking. Which always spells trouble. Nathaniel and I had to flip schedules around and meet almost fortuitously this morning in order to hang out for, oh, all of about an hour and a half.

Then he had to head off and I had to head off, and now we're trying to advance plan for the next twenty-five minute visit. Which might not happen for a few weeks.

Which is bizarre, since when you look at things on the surface, we both alternate between being unemployed and under-employed. But then there are those patches of employment that consume entire weeks, and in my most recent predicament, possibly much longer than that.

And neither one of us is ever free when the other has some free time.

It's weird. We have the schedules of guys who drive those big, almost offensive Mercedes(es?) with the number seven on it, and Yeah, we're not that. At all.

Life's just funny that way, I suppose.

There's no point to any of this, really, but now I'm officially late, and I need to get in the (non-Mercedes) car and drive to see what will hopefully be a not-very-cringe-worthy remake of an original film that I adore.

Maybe I'll even review it this week.

Either way, tomorrow I'll be back with a regular post, at our regular 11:00 time slot. Until then, enjoy your Saturday!

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