Saturday, August 14, 2010

Dino Run

Yesterday's post was a little heavy, so let's lighten the weekend with dinosaurs. As a continuation of my "Flash Flood" column at, I've been making videos of the Flash games I've reviewed. This time it's Dino Run, a retro-styled platformer where the goal is to outrun extinction.

There's far more to see than just what I've recorded, but enjoy a gameplay demonstration by yours truly and then try out Dino Run for yourself.


Unknown said...

As I watched you play Dino Run, it reminded me alot of a flash game I'm addicted to! It's called Canabalt. It's also a running reaction time game. Give it a shot, I think you'd like it ^_^

Flashman85 said...

Sounds neat! I'll need to check that out.