Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Month in Review: August 2010

After several months of unfocused ramblings, filler posts, gut reactions, Big Life Stuff, and occasional strokes of verbose genius, we have returned to what we (arguably) do best: geeking out about our favorite fandoms. Video games were a huge focus, and even with a fair amount of random links posts thrown in, August was characterized by some very in-depth and passionate discussions.

Also, we held a contest and celebrated two years of Exfanding Your Horizons. Awesome.

Take a moment to peruse the posts we wrote in August:

- Alex ruins a perfectly good video game post by talking about Boy Scouts instead

- A discussion about how the Atari 2600 shaped who I am as a gamer

- Alex's weekly comics news/rant/spotlight feature, Waiting for Wednesday, Volume 2, Issues Thirty-One, Thirty-Two, Thirty-Three, Thirty-Four

- A guest post about MLB 10 The Show, a fancy-pants baseball vidjagame

- Stories of some fun experiences I've had with co-op multiplayer video games

- An explanation of how I was spoiled by excellent RPGs at a young age

- The most absurd picture you'll see today (probably)

- The Second Easiest Contest on the Internet and an announcement of the winners

- An in-depth analysis of why Star Trek: Nemesis is not the shoddy movie I once thought it was

- A rant about comic book movie criticism

- An discussion about why I'm glad I'm not a comics fanboy

- Gameplay videos of the Flash game Dino Run

- The most unlikely picture you'll see today (possibly)

- A discussion of how Exfanding Your Horizons is a living blog

- A minor calamity where all my YouTube subscribers disappeared

- Alex's explanation of why DC and Marvel have gotten so little attention in Waiting for Wednesday recently, and a follow-up apology regarding Grant Morrison

- Batman robs a Taco Bell

- A reaction to the announcement of a pseudo-remake of GoldenEye 007

- A YouTube collaboration between me and Kirby Pink to play through Mega Man: The Power Battle

- A reaction to JAMES CAMERON's Avatar returning to the big screen with new footage

- Reflections on two years of blogging

- Wookiee the Pooh

- A guest post pinpointing the Golden Era of Comics

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