Sunday, August 15, 2010

Some (Much Needed) Lighter Fare

It's been a pretty not-so-positive week here on the blog, which--while not neccessarily a bad thing--could certainly use something light and fluffy and stupid to lighten the mood.

And, since it's Sunday and I'm lazy, I've requested the assistance of Exfanding reader Dr. Nick Riviera in coming up with something light, fluffy, and--most importantly--stupid, for today's post.

So, we have two things ready to go for ya that fit the bill.

First up, check out the following photo from Google Earth, and this link. See anything familiar?
And, second up today, we have a classic Exfanding Contest Wherein You Win Nothing by Entering and Winning. Plus, there are no winners. Unlike our other epic (and astonishingly easy) Second Easiest Contest on the Internet uh, contest, going on right now (which will have winners, by the way), today I present the following photo for your consideration.
How does this have anything to do with a fake (winnerless, remember) contest, you ask? Simple. Caption the above photo. Have fun with it. Make it hilarious. Or sad. Or downright mean. We don't care. The important thing to remember, though, is that there are no winners.

So caption away--and do it for the love of captioning, and not for anything else. Like winning.

Because you can't.

Thanks again to Dr. Nick for his help in putting together this altogether useless addition to the Internet.

-- -- -- --

Happy Sunday, everyone!


Scott said...

Right Guy: So, two white guys and a black guy walk into a bar--
Middle Guy: [bursts out in laughter]
Left Guy: I don't get it!

Saw this article/blog entry and thought you might be interested in it if you haven't already seen it, since it discusses breaking into the comics industry:

Not that I'm saying you suffer from the problems described... but the Stan Lee anecdote was very interesting!

Dr. Nick Riviera said...

Liam Neeson: "Knock Knock...."

Morgan Freeman: "Who's There?"

Liam Neeson: "Jaws 4"

Morgan Freeman: [Uncontrollable Laughter]

Michael Caine: "....."