Monday, September 13, 2010

Because It's Funny

No matter what you do today, no matter who you hang out with, or what you watch on television, I promise you...this will be the funniest video of a catapult malfunction that you will see.

Just...go. Click here, from

(And for those of you out there with souls/hearts...she was fine. Which is part of what makes it so funny. The other part of what makes it so funny is that, unlike every other week when I rely on someone else to find a funny video link, this week...I found it myself.

Sure, it was on Geekologie, so technically, they found it, but still. I thought I was actually at the forefront of an Internet sensation. And then I emailed the link to a couple of people at work. And they'd already seen the video.

And then, on Friday, I was watching Attack of the Show, and guess what was their number one video of the week. Yeah. So maybe I'm not at the forefront of sharing this video. I'm very rarely at the forefront of anything. But hopefully someone out there hadn't seen it until coming here.

One person. That's all I ask.)

-- -- -- --

Happy Monday, everyone!


A Philosophical Nerd said...

Well, no worries! That was my first time ever seeing the video (I clicked on your link). I don't watch The Amazing Race or Attack of the Show.

AJG said...


My job here is done.

Dr. Nick Riviera said...

With any luck she was seriously injured!