Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Foiled Again by Other M

Everything has come to a halt until I finish Metroid: Other M.

Oh, I've beaten the game. But now I'm embarking on the Second Great Item Cleanup to round up the last of the hidden items. My first sweep was largely successful, but there were certain places that were completely inaccessible. All of this is irrelevant, however, because you came here for a real post, no doubt.

I wanted to have a review for you by now, but I won't write one unless I've completed the game 100%. I'm thorough, I am. Yet Other M is the kind of game that deserves a written review and an agitated conversation. Fans love it. Fans hate it. It's the game every Metroid fan wanted. It's the game fans hoped they'd never see.

Well, it's about the only thing I've seen every night for a week.

It's not an obsession, and it's not a passion. I'm a dedicated Metroid fan, yes, but this almost feels like keeping up with politics in the last few days before an election, for those who are into such things--I want to know where one of my favorite video game series is and is headed.

You know something's wrong when you start comparing Metroid to politics. Then again, there is a lot of talking...see for yourself:

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