Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sunday, Linky Sunday

Since I'm writing this in your past (Friday morning, to be exact), I have no idea whether or not the big, honking storm predicted for the East Coast actually made landfall.

So, Future Alex (or, to you, Present Alex) might be very unhappy, and in a flooded mess with no electricity. Which is what usually happens to Exfanding HQ when it rains, or the wind blows over ten miles per hour, or there's a long and potentially relaxing holiday weekend.

Speaking of, have you ever noticed how Sundays during three-day weekends feel just like Saturdays during regular weekends? No? Fine. Well, that was my Pearl of Wisdom for the day, kids, so don't expect this post to go anywhere more thought-provoking than that.

Luckily for us all, Dr. Nick Riviera strikes again this morning with another must-see link. Today, we head back over to for a brief, illustrated history of Marvel Comics.

There are some pretty cool, little-known factoids about the company in the post, and you should check it out. I, of course, already knew all of them, but then again, I do tend to read a ridiculous amount of comics and comics-related ephemera.

Plus, I have no life.

And with that, Happy Sunday, everyone, and enjoy the day!

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zharth said...

Big, honking storm? It was a little bit windy, and now it's just depressingly cold. :(

And not to contradict you or anything :p, but earlier today I was thinking to myself how it definitely feels like a Sunday, despite tomorrow being a holiday, and completely different from how it felt yesterday (which is to say, like a Saturday).

I guess mileage varies.