Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Mega Man 3 Screenshot Gallery

There's an art to taking good screenshots, especially in a game that suffers from frequently glitchy visuals. Such was the case with Mega Man 3, which I recently replayed in order to snag about 60 screenshots to add to GameFAQs.

As was the case with my Mega Man 10 screenshots, I wanted to capture as many aspects of the gameplay as possible. It is my hope that I've successfully showcased the bosses, enemies, special weapons, locations, and platforming challenges in a way that few other screenshotters have.

You can be the judge. My work is mixed in with other contributors on GameFAQs, but there's a nice chunk of screenshots attributed to Flashman85 (A.K.A. me). At the time of my writing this, my contributions start halfway on the second page, but that's subject to change (like anything else on the Internet). No permission is needed if you'd like to use them anywhere, but it's always appreciated!

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