Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Waiting for Wednesday, Volume 2, Issue 52

Hello and welcome to the very last Waiting for Wednesday of 2010! That marks two years of this column—which, at varying times, has served as a collection of random comics-related news and views, a personal journal for yours truly, and even a psychiatrist’s couch session once a week.

Now, while today closes the book on Volume Two, when Issue One of 2011 arrives next week, I can’t imagine the column being much different than it’s been these past two years—and especially this past year, where I feel as though I was pretty candid in the things I laid down to be read.

Granted, the length of the column shortened a bit towards the end of 2010, mostly due to the fact that I was plowed under with work and simply didn’t have the time I would have liked to devote to it. I’d like to say that, in the new year, things will be different, but I already know my schedule for the first quarter, and it’s going to be more of the same.

Still, I look forward to writing WfW more than any other thing I write during the week, and with good reason. Wednesday is my favorite day of the week—it’s a little bit of Christmas, 52 times a year. And I enjoy talking about the comics and things that get me excited.

After two years of WfW, I can honestly say that, yes, I am still excited about going to the comics shop every week. Sure, the things that excite me are different today than they were at the beginning of the column, but that’s the beauty of comics.

And that’s the reason why—mo matter how annoyed I might get with multi-title crossovers and cover price increases and shipping schedules that just don’t get met—I always come back.

I always waltz through the doors of my LCS either at lunchtime or after work on Wednesday, and I’m always happy to browse the new racks of books, and to pick up something that I’m going to sit with and enjoy in peace and quiet.

Maybe it’s because I haven’t had much peace and quiet lately that I’ve been a bit down on certain books. I guess I equate comics reading with peace and quiet, you see, because I like to hold off on reading my stack for a lazy Saturday afternoon or a Sunday morning.

I've had some downtime this week, and I’ve been able to read a slew of things that I’ve had waiting for me. So that's been nice.

Though, I must confess. I am bad at vacations. This time around, I managed to contract a wonderfully major head cold on Christmas Eve, and I just started shaking it off yesterday.

Still and all, I read a few very good books, and there was even one that I’ll be talking about in an official review thingy. And you all know how much I enjoy writing official review thingys.

But that’s for another day. For now, let’s get to this week's new comics shipment--which somehow manages to be pretty substantial, despite the absolutely massive week of new product we had before Christmas.

First up, from Dark Horse, we have a new Hellboy mini-series (very mini, as it's only two issues), entitled "The Sleeping and the Dead."
As always, if it's got Mike Mignola's name on it, I'm going to buy it and recommend it. Throw in the fact that the book is about Hellboy chasing (and, presumably, punching) vampires, and I might just call it the best concept ever. Here's the solicitation information from Dark Horse:

While chasing a giant bat through the forest, Hellboy meets an old man with insider knowledge of the coming vampire apocalypse.

For the first time, Mike Mignola teams up with artist Scott Hampton (Batman, The Books of Magic) for this gothic tale.

First collaboration between Mike Mignola and Scott Hampton.

Classic vampire horror!

Did I mention vampires? Vampires! Next up, we have a book that hasn't really gotten much love from the fanboys. From DC, Justice Society of America is a title that's had a bit of a rough go since Geoff Johns left the book following a near-legendary run on the title.

The team was split into two books; the JSA proper and a book called JSA All Stars. And, as things like this always seem to go, there were fans left annoyed at such changes.

But the series' writer/artist team of Matthew Sturges (House of Mystery) and Freddie Williams II (Robin) put out one of my favorite superhero comics of this past year. They have two story arcs, the first of which is collected in a trade called, JSA All Stars: Constellations.

Their current arc, which will wrap up in a month or so, will be collected in March. I recommend checking out "Constellations" to see if it's your kind of thing.

Reading All Stars has made me interested in reading the other team book, and I think today is a good day to start. So, despite the fact that I've missed the past few issues, I'm going to jump on board with today's Justice Society of America, issue 46, written by Marc Guggenheim and with art by Scott Kolins.
Here's the blurb from DC:

With Monument Point still down after Scythe's devastating attack on U.S. soil, looting begins! Enter Collatoral Damage, a new team of villains set to lay claim to the riches yet to be found in the rubble of the once great American city! Luckily, there are new heroes flooding into the JSA's new hometown to help stabilize and rebuild alongside Earth's First Super Hero Team!

And with that, it's time for me to head out. Oh, and, if you live on the East Coast, you might want to give your shop a call just to make sure that they are open/got books today, since the Giant Snow Storm here has, I'm guessing, wreaked havoc upon mail routes and things. I'm just sayin'.

Before I go, and for the last time in 2010, what are you Waiting for?

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