Friday, January 21, 2011

Join the Filler Parade

The trouble with committing to posting on a daily basis is that, every so often, you really don't have anything to post. Sunday, Tuesday, and Yesterday (my favorite day of the week*) were characterized by filler, so I think it's safe to say that this hasn't been a particularly content-heavy week, despite Alex's best efforts. He wins this week, for sure.

Not that it's a contest--or even a necessity--to constantly produce content-rich posts. Some of my favorite Star Trek episodes are plot-uncritical filler episodes, and some of my favorite blog posts have been ones that didn't require a caffeine injection to get through. This week it's been a matter of me focusing heavily on finishing my month-overdue Mega Man 6 video, which took me out of the writing groove I've been in for a little while.

It all goes in cycles and waves--sometimes I'm content to do nothing but GameCola work; sometimes I'm on a runaway typewriter bound for Blog City; sometimes I can't talk fast enough to do the video recording I want to do; and so on. This is evidently not much of a writing week for me, but that's alright. Gives me more time to play video games and watch cartoons.

Weeks like this are nice because they provide great idea fodder for weeks when I can actually do something articulate with my thoughts. And yes, I did just fumble on the keyboard when attempting to write "articulate," but I fixed my mistake before anyone saw.

Weeks like this are also nice because they serve as a reminder that we're still blogging for us, first and foremost. We love having you here, and we both think it's fantastic and incredible that you'd choose to spend your time hanging out with our verbal leakage on an off-day like today (or on any day, for that matter), but it's nice to not feel contractually or guiltedly obligated to post anything of substance.

There'll be some thoughtful, beefy stuff soon enough. In the meantime, enjoy your filler day.

*Not actually a day of the week


Anonymous said...

YESTERDAY is a day! It must be they wrote a song about it!

Flashman85 said...

OK, OK, I guess I can let that slide...