Sunday, January 30, 2011

Law and Order: GCPD

This is an old thing from the Internet, and in no way is it relevant, or meaningful, or even insightful. But today is Sunday, and I feel like posting something stupid and useless and funny. So sue me.

From somewhere on the Internet:
Comics readers will recognize the nod to the wacky Frank Miller All Star Batman series, in which Batman's mind seemingly breaks (and not like it did when Grant Morrison broke his mind, either), and he does all kinds of crazy, out-of-character things.

Like painting a room yellow to negate Green Lantern's green ring-based powers. Or being incredibly mean to...well, everyone...but especially mean/creepy towards Wonder Woman. But especially towards Black Canary. (Little Simpsons reference thrown in there for the fans.)

Oh, that weird, so over the top it was wonderful, All Star Batman debacle. DC promised us a continuity-free romp through the DC Universe, written and drawn by legendary creators.

DC got some of that, for sure. But they also got something so much...different.

Anyway, hope you had a chuckle, at least, and I hope you enjoy the rest of your Sunday. We'll see you tomorrow.

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Oh, and as with all of these such posts, a special thanks goes to reader Dr. Nick Riviera, who will, I'm sure, one day come forth from the shadows and reveal his secret identity.

And, possibly, write a post about...oh, say...Community, which is NBC's best comedy since Seinfeld.

Dr. Nick, the challenge has officially been issued.

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Dr. Nick Riviera said...

Challenge accepted, as soon as I finish taking my creative writing class at Greendale Community College