Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday Linking: Our Valued Customers

The best ideas are the ones where you look at something and say, "I can't believe no one has thought of that." Well, that was my first reaction when I came across the excellent blog, Our Valued Customers.

The site is run by an artist that works in a comic book store. As there are in almost every comics shop from here to OA, there are plenty of characters ...uh, customers...that walk into the artist's store on a daily basis.

And each of these customers says or does something...memorable.

So, to...memorialize...said actions, Our Valued Customers documents each case in a one-panel cartoon strip. Like I said--brilliant. And the strips are hilarious. And kinda scary.

But mostly hilarious.

I was given a head's up about this site by my buddy Gary, and I've been pretty much addicted to it ever since. I've passed the link on to several people, and they all have told me that they proceeded to open the link, and then kill the next 45 minutes or so, looking at each blog entry.

So, because I'm nice, and I wouldn't want any of you to spend your valuable work time endlessly checking out the site, I decided to post this up today, on Sunday. Go check it out. A warning, though, that the language is definitely not for the kiddies.

Go. Read.

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Happy Sunday, everyone!


Scott said...

If I were a regular at this store and found that this guy had put me in "creeps," "crazies," or "jerks," I would no longer be a regular.

Some of them are funny, but a lot of them seem like they're just there to publicly mock people...

AJG said...

Ya know, that was my first reaction, too--this is bad for business.

But after hanging out at enough comics shops, I've come to the conclusion that anyone featured on the site is probably proud of being included.

zharth said...

Well, if you can't laugh at yourself...

AJG said...