Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Musings

Not much doing here on the ol' blog today. We did want to catch you all up on a lingering issue, though. And, since it's a work-filled Friday for me, I'll be brief for once in my life.

Nathaniel and I are still dealing with the Blog Thief, who continues to illegally post our copyrighted written material to his site.

We're working on it, though, so hopefully we'll have some good news to report in the coming days. Might be longer, actually, as we're taking great pains to do everything by the book here.

Too many times, content thieves are allowed to continue stealing material, simply because the originator(s) of said material either don't know how to take action against copyright infringement, or they just don't want to go through the process.

We here at know both exactly how to deal with this stuff (like I said, I've been there before), and we will not stop until our content is removed from the site in question.

Still and all, this whole situation has me incredibly annoyed. As someone in publishing, and as someone who has gone through a whole legal battle over copyrights in the past, this issue hits me right where it hurts.

And, honestly, I'm tired of being annoyed and frustrated at things.

So I'm focusing all of my annoyance and frustration on this issue, and I'm making sure that the Thief is shut down. For good, this time.

Other than Blog Thieves and the like, though, here's to a good, relaxing weekend. Happy Friday, everyone!


Dr. Nick Riviera said...

If only you knew someone in the legal profession?

Anyways, where is that ill placed Walking Dead advert from the UK? Now that's some inane Friday fun.

AJG said...

Yes, well.

And, in regards to the advert--That's actually some inane Sunday fun.

Inane Sunday fun.

Chantelle said...

Hi Alex,

Thanks for alerting me to the fact that this thief has also stolen my posts. My latest post wasn't stolen so I hope that means that he's stopped taking my posts, but he hasn't deleted my old posts yet. I'd given him until noon today to do everything so it looks like I'll have to go further.

I know that you're going further, too, so I was wondering if we should coordinate our efforts. Feel free to email me at cjames at alumni dot uwaterloo dot ca.


ps - Interestingly, I think it was the thief who put a comment on one of my posts. He's a funny guy, he is.