Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Forget Corinthian and Ionic; I Want a Dork Column

There'll likely be a follow-up to yesterday's post later this week, but first, I need some opinions on something. You might have noticed that Alex's posts have been fewer and shorter recently, and that's simply due to a lack of time to write. One thing that's helped to keep order and focus on this blog has been Alex's Waiting for Wednesday column, and I'm thinking it might be time to start a column of my own.

For one thing, I've been toying with the idea of a regular feature for a few months now. It's been great for Alex to have a day of the week where the subject matter is already laid out for him, and it's been great for me to have that day as a (mostly) guaranteed blog vacation. With his schedule being as relentlessly busy as it is now, it might be nice to give him a weekly holiday, and to help me from running out of posting ideas prematurely.

The trouble is...what would I write about every week?

The obvious answer is "Mega Man," but I feel that's a little too specialized--video games I could get away with, but one series exclusively is pushing it. I talk about my Backloggery enough that perhaps a weekly gaming progress update might work instead.

I could take a page from The Arglefumph Blog and do a sort of Three Things Thursday, where I pick any three things and talk about them. Simple, straightforward, structured, and yet flexible.

Maybe Random Recommendations would be in order--a quick blurb about one or two things I recently watched, read, heard, attended, or ate. I did that once, and it worked pretty well.

Alex said he'd like to read about my world-building process for my Dungeons & Dragons campaigns. There'd be too many spoilers for the players if I wrote about my upcoming quest, but I've got about six years of previous adventures I could cover, so that's a possibility.

I'm also open to other suggestions. As long as it's something I could write about easily and sustain indefinitely, I'll certainly consider it. Any thoughts?


JoeReviewer said...

Hmmmmm... that's a toughie. What I try to do is a shtick where I use the Fortune Cookie option on my Backloggery and then talk about the game that comes up. I can't remember off the top of my head how long that would last you though if you went weekly, but every 50 games = about 1 year, and if you ever catch up you could always start over, since by that time it will have been a while since you talked about them, or you may have developed some other system by that point.

Here's how you would estimate: (# of games in your Backloggery-# of unplayed games)/ 52= Number of years you could do such an article.

Obviously you can't really talk about games you haven't played yet in length, but you also know that you will most likely get more games in the future.

Just slap your own name on it (a.k.a. Don't call it Fortune Cookie) and you've got your option from me. However, I am incredibly biased to Video Games here, so take that into account as you weigh your options.

Desertskunk said...

Hmmm, given that there are so many blogs about video games and (while you ARE good at it) your video game stuff is interesting, I propose a blog about how you are settling into married life, or about something new you discover that you would like to share with the rest of us!
There are tons of fandoms that you may be interested in that you haven't devoted the time to, so lay on the obscure and introduce us to something new each week, whether it be an anime, a game...something we may or may not have been introduced to before, just get it out there and share it! ^_^
That's my two cents. I'd give more, but I'm cheap :P.

Flashman85 said...

Thank you, gents! As you've probably seen, I've come up with a column that integrates a lot of your (and others') ideas.