Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Freedom of Dissension

As I've discussed previously, I'm not entirely fond of YouTube's recent universal channel overhaul. So, instead of dealing with the frustrations of the new channel comments section, I have decided to stick it to The Man and create my own channel comments section, by way of a video specifically intended for general comments.

The response has been overwhelming so far, and I can tell that this idea has really struck a chord with my viewers. So many people are equally disgruntled about the forced channel redesign, and so many people are willing to go along with my experiment to circumvent social media's latest outrage.

Here's the kicker: My channel comments section is still open for the people who want to use it. I don't mandate drastic changes and call them improvements; I offer new ideas and present them as alternatives. I am not so inflexible or convinced my way is best that I can't entertain more than one possible mode of expression at a time.

This video is simply one more place to strike up a conversation. If it acts as a successful replacement for channel comments until a more favorable redesign, then I'll be happy. If it's a flash-in-the-pan experiment that ends up being little more than a curious footnote in my channel's history, then I've at least produced an informative and entertaining footnote I can be proud of.

Either way, I'm pleased to present to you my latest video.

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