Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Waiting for Wednesday, Volume 4, Issue 12

Wednesday again, eh? Didn’t we just do this? Fine, fine. I guess I’ll just have to write something up for today, then. This whole 1:00 posting thing has really saved my butt in terms of getting new content up on the blog, but it's also taught me a lesson about myself.

No matter how much extra time I have to do something, I'm always going to put it off until the last possible moment. I guess it's kind of my thing.


Luckily (for all of us), it’s an uncharacteristically heavy week for me at the comics shop, so instead of a lengthy (and no doubt pithy) introduction, let’s get right to the good stuff. At the top of my list today is the latest issue of Eric Powell’s The Goon.
Today’s issue 38 promises to delve deeper into the back story of Powell’s main character, giving readers a look at the life of Goon’s beloved Aunt Kizzie. As Goon himself has said before, she was the only person who ever cared for him, and her death (not a spoiler, folks, as it happens in issue one) is the inciting incident that puts Goon on his life’s path.

While Powell has given readers glimpses into Kizzie’s life in the past, we haven’t been privy to the whole story, and this issue looks to be a major one in the overarching tale the writer/artist has been telling.

Here's the solicitation information from Dark Horse:

You might have thought you knew everything about Goon's past after Chinatown, but there's more to the story. And most of that story has to do with his aunt. How did he come to be raised by her? How did she wind up as a circus performer? And what is the tragedy that ties them inseparably together?

* Dive deeper into the Goon's origin!

* The Goon is back--and bimonthly!

* "Powell is serious about his craft, turning in gorgeously grotesque artwork that balances the horror and humor of the script remarkably well. Part H.P. Lovecraft, part Harold Gray, Eric Powell is a twisted genius with the talent to compensate for his perversion."--The A.V. Club

It just seems that all is once again right in the world with The Goon now back on a consistent bi-monthly shipping schedule.

Dark Horse has been churning out new editions of all the trades, so keeping up with the series has never been easier for readers looking to jump on at any given time.

And, obviously, I suggest you do so. Right now.

Before you head out to buy up every Goon trade at your local comics shop, however, I have a question—what are you Waiting for?

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