Thursday, March 29, 2012

Go Outside, Or Something

Haha, so I have to write a post for today. I had it in my mind that a GameCola recap was in order, followed by our Month in Review the next day to cap off the month, but apparently there's an extra day left before I can do all that.

So...posting, huh.

I've been totally disconnected from any substantial creative output this week. I haven't posted since Sunday, I haven't touched anything GameCola-related, and my focus on YouTube has been fairly minimal. I've been recharging from a fun and busy weekend of Dungeons & Dragons (which I hope to write about next week) and a L'Arc-en-Ciel concert (which I hope to con someone into guest posting about), and especially after the lousy Wednesday I had, I've been in a mindset to veg out.

What have I been doing with my spare time instead of writing and recording? Same thing I do every week, just more of it--movies, TV, and video games. I may also have glanced at the cover of a book once or twice. It's been relaxing to thin out my Netflix Instant Queue and to cruise the crime-ridden streets of Lytton in Police Quest III...but it hasn't been as satisfying as usual. I keep feeling this drive to get out of the house and do something if I'm not pursuing my creative endeavors indoors, but I have yet to determine what, specifically, that something might be.

Rejoining a choir? Volunteer work? Maybe just going out for a walk? I'm open to suggestions.


JoeReviewer said...

Something outdoors hmmm? Well, for starters I'd be careful with anything having to do with commitments, I'm not saying you can't manage your time well, but the fleeting bursts of creativity you seem to get(as far as I can tell from what you've talked about here) would probably be best suited if you didn't have things that it could take preference over it. I don't think most people would be too happy if you said "Sorry, I can't come to choir today. I have to play Mega Man for the internet because I got a creative burst." While a walk completely understands your personal needs. Walks are understanding like that.

As for what specifically, I wouldn't really know what to say. I usually end up doing things outside through the natural course of life, so I don't have any idea of what to do in a situation lacking in this.

By the way, I didn't know you used to be in a choir, interesting. Anyways, hope this helps in some way. :)

CuntrySongAndMegaman said...

Hmm... Outside activity, you say? If you have a bike, you can't go wrong with a bike ride across a trail, considering you said you live in the Eastern Time Zone (unless it's New York that happens to be your home, but I don't normally hear gunshots and sirens in the background of your videos ;)) Recreational activities such as Mini Golf and theme parks are okay, but they take your money faster than you can realize it. My ultimate recommendation? Get something like a Bocce or Horseshoes set and enjoy yourself while having some time with your wife (assuming that she as well has the time), maybe even have a barbeque. It's pretty amazing the amount of things that can be done with a plentiful amount of time!

Flashman85 said...

Yeah, the whole "going for a walk" idea is sounding better all the time--bike would be great, but I no longer have a bike. Same deal with yard space for a barbecue, though that sounds like fun...thanks, guys!