Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Exfanding Your Horizons on YouTube

It's taken almost four years, but this humble little blog finally has its own YouTube channel. Before you get all excited--no, we're not really posting any content. Right now, it's really just a place for me to assemble playlists of other people's video game music without cluttering up my GeminiLaser channel. However! We've at least reserved the channel name so that, should we ever decide to make videos, we won't risk having to settle on whatever goofy approximation of our name hasn't yet been claimed, like "Expanding."

Currently on the channel are two Mega Man Megaplaylists, forming literally half a day's worth of music from Mega Man 1-10, Mega Man I-V (Game Boy), Mega Man & Bass (technically Rockman & Forte, the Japanese SNES-equivalent with the same tunes but better audio), and Mega Man: The Wily Wars. Plans are in place to add playlists for Gradius, Metroid, and at least one or two other series before I remember that I'm neglecting a half-dozen other side projects I should probably be working on instead. On the plus side, all the content here has already been created; putting together a couple playlists shouldn't take too much time, right?
This particular project came about as a response to the relative disorganization of video game music on YouTube. Entire soundtracks are posted without being grouped into playlists; finding playlists on people's channels is a chore; titles, descriptions, and search tags are a mess; sound quality is all over the place...seriously, it's like YouTube lets people upload whatever the heck they want with no quality control whatsoever. Rather than continue to sift through ugly search results and bookmark playlists whose URLs keep changing for some reason, I finally decided to construct my own comprehensive playlists--ones that I could launch and leave alone for hours at a clip, and ones that other VG music aficionados might find useful.

I'm open to suggestions as always, but until such time as we start posting actual content, this is one side project that's truly just for my own entertainment. Still, I hope you get some enjoyment out of it all the same.

Here's the link once more: http://www.youtube.com/user/Exfanding


tmntgrl25 said...

A hub for video game music, so I don't have to frantically hunt through gaggles of unrelated videos to find the Megatunes that I want?

JoeReviewer said...

Subscribing despite lack of videos, just in case :)

Who knows, maybe one day when technology advances to the point where you can take written articles and turn them into entertaining videos, this account will come in handy :P

Mr. E [PostApocolyptica] said...

Subscribed and looking forward to content. Now to leave the Megaplaylist running whilst I spend some quality time training my Pokémon team. Do, dododo, dododo-do, dododo, dododo-do, do-do-do...

(That was MM2 Wily 1, by the way)

Flashman85 said...


Oh, and Mr. E., I actually guessed what the tune was before you said it. :D

Flashman85 said...

Update! I've now added two more megaplaylists, one for some of the more peripheral classic MM games, and one for X1-6. Still need to do a bit of sorting to get them in the proper order, but Shuffle will suffice in the meantime. :)

Flashman85 said...

Another update! Now we've got a playlist for Mega Man Zero 1-4 + ZX, and I've rearranged the soccer/racing playlist a little bit so the order makes a little more sense (still some work to be done there, though).