Friday, August 10, 2012

We're Still Here

We haven't forgotten about the blog, I promise. Despite all but completely abandoning our new posting model, and despite Alex's extended leave of absence, we're still here. I'm working on GameCola stuff, and Alex is working on literally every other thing on the face of the planet there is to do.

It's how I feel about Morrowind sometimes, with all the sidequests I pick up--"Hey, aren't you supposed to be out saving the world?" "Yeah, but first I've gotta solve this murder mystery and deliver this clay pot to somebody and follow a magical white guar into the hills." Writing for Exfanding is in our quest journals, but we're devoting more attention to other things at the moment.

Alex promises (and you can quote him on this) to return in a week or two or three; I promise (and you shouldn't quote me on this) that I'll at least continue with Sunday Spotlight and a minimum of one post somewhere else during the week in the meantime. That's our new new posting model. I.e.: subject to change whenever we feel like it.

It's refreshing, in a way, to not be constrained by a regular posting schedule. Conforming to a daily deadline for over three years was a great help in keeping us sharp, in practice, and dedicated to continuing this blog. Even if we go a few days at a time without posting nowadays, we've developed enough discipline to not let a few days turn into a week, a month, a year, and another abandoned blog. Would it be easy at this point to casually stop posting and let the blog fade out on its own? Sure. But we've got plenty more stories to tell, lots more fandoms to share, and a blog birthday coming up that we're definitely not going to miss.

And Alex still owes me his half of the Year in Review for 2011, so I'm not letting him go without that.

Even if you've been following us from the beginning, chances are good at least one post slipped by you at some point; we've got nearly four years of posts in the archives, and these frequent lulls between posts are a perfect opportunity to get caught up, and to marvel at how much we've changed over the years (for better, for worse, and for different). There's even one or two posts that I haven't read, because I'm holding off until I've read or watched whatever it is that Alex is spoiling in said posts. Who knows what you'll find?

Aside from the obvious, of course. You'll find almost four years of posts.

We're open to suggestions about posting topics, too, so feel free to toss some ideas our way. So, until next time...


Matt Link said...

That's good you're following a more loose posting schedule.

Since I don't really have my own blog, if you're interested, I've actually been working on and off on a guest post idea in the little spare time I've had that I'd like to send your way once I've worked out some of the kinks. It'll be my take on the famous late 80s-early 90s Amiga computer 2D action sidescroller series "Turrican" (well, famous in Europe anyway). This series, while relatively unheard of here in the states, is one that got me hooked into gaming in the first place back in the day, and one that I feel deserves some attention and a proper fan tribute on a site that's all about spreading the word of awesome and undiscovered fandoms that others might enjoy hearing about.

Anyway, not an idea for you guys per se, but just something to look out for soon that you can use during those lulls ;)

JoeReviewer said...

Oh good, you'll forgive me if I was beginning to worry a bit.

I always thought it would be funny if you posted an answer to a generic "Channel Comments" question (i.e. What's your favorite Mega Man Weapon; if you had to play a racing game for 48 hours what would you play) but went into detail beyond the restricted letters of the youtube comment section, just for kicks.

Also on the subject of guest posts (only reminded of this because of the previous comment), but I do have a post idea formulating for the game Kid Icarus: Uprising, but I just need to 100% it because I swear every time I turn that thing on I find something else that makes me like the game even more, even though you could get a perfectly satisfactory ending without the 100%. Heck, even the biggest complaint (the controls that are "painful" to use/totally hate lefties) can be rectified if you go into the Options menu. But still, should finish that so I can talk about it :P