Sunday, December 2, 2012

Month in Review: November 2012

It is good to be back. Seriously taking stock of the situation here at the end of October was exactly what I needed to rekindle the enthusiasm. From my perspective, November was the strongest blogging month I've had since July or August, and it was also the most uniquely me this blog has seen in a while—more personal stories of one sort or another than usual, and no attempt to obfuscate the obvious fact that all I do in my spare time is watch movies, play video games, not record YouTube videos, and eat cheeseburgers.

See for yourself:

- A recap of my contributions to funny obscure gaming site in October and November

- A fast food burger showdown pitting Burger King against McDonald's in a war of white cheddar

- Sunday Spotlight on why my YouTube videos take so long, and my first trip to IKEA

- Ruminations on the unexpectedly welcome disruption of my regular routine in the wake of a hurricane, wedding, honeymoon, and other major events

- A review of Wreck-It Ralph, a Disney film long anticipated by gamers

- Something I needed to get out of my system regarding everyone on the Internet being angry

- An early New Year's resolution to possibly take even longer making YouTube videos

- Reasons to not write about Thanksgiving, followed by me writing about Thanksgiving

- A review of Double Dragon, the 1994 "adaptation" of the popular NES beat-'em-up

- Thoughts on having played 24 hours of Golden Sun: Dark Dawn

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