Tuesday, January 1, 2013

We're on hiatus.

Exfanding Your Horizons is pleased to announce its very first extended hiatus!

...I guess sounding excited about it doesn't change the fact that we're going to stop posting here for a while.

As previously discussed, things have changed a great deal for us over the last several months. What was once a two-man blogging team gradually became a one-man blogging team; what was once our blog has gradually become my blog. Initially, I was holding down the fort for a few weeks until my blogging buddy Alex returned in October or November.

Happy New Year, incidentally.

Though it's a tough decision for us, Alex and I have agreed that it's time to bring this boat ashore, at least for a month or two or five. We've kept up with this blog since 2008, posting every day of the week (except possibly Sunday, our self-imposed day off) for the majority of that time. Nobody maintains that level of dedication for some random side project.

Exfanding has been our home for the last four years. We haven't always looked or sounded like the most professional blog on the planet, but I doubt your home has always looked presentable enough for company from around the world at all hours of the day. We've been honing our writing craft. We've thrown up some truly pitiful filler posts just to keep us in the habit of writing every day. I've been teaching myself enough HTML to tweak and tinker with the blog's layout from time to time (calling in my wife on occasion).

It's the coolest thing in the world that other people want to read what we've written, but that's not why we write. Exfanding is for us, first and foremost, and it always has been—sharing what we do with the global community just makes it better.

That's why it's time to say farewell, if only for a time. Exfanding isn't the same when it's me writing for us.

I've still got a couple of in-progress posts that'll take a while to finish, and I know there's at least one more guest post on the way. At the very least, we'll be returning for a few days whenever those are all ready—but when we return, I mean we will return. I'm volunteering Alex to write the next post you'll read here. In the meantime, we've got a lot in the archives, and our Month in Review posts might help highlight things that even longtime readers might have missed.

As of the end of this post, Exfanding is officially on indefinite hiatus. However, that doesn't mean that we, the writers, are just going to poof out of existence. I've got a personal website now that serves as a hub to all my other Internet activities, and I'm continuing to blog (and blather about Mega Man) over there:


Look for updates from Alex on his Comic Art Fans page, as well as on the website for his book, Sarah Faire and the House at the End of the World:



We'll still be checking in on Exfanding to respond to new comments, maybe clean up the archives a little bit, and perform whatever technical and administrative tasks we see fit, so it's not really goodbye.

But...um...until next time...goodbye.


Anonymous said...

Can't wait for your return and the next Dragon Warrior post.

Anonymous said...

Hi! A Tus!

~Joe. (no, not that Joe. Stranger Joe who you do not know)

Anonymous said...

How much longer?

Flashman85 said...

Um...indefinite hiatus, Anonymous 2. Alex shows no signs of having any free time anytime soon, but I've got a solo blog I've been keeping up with; the link is in this post. Glad you still care, though! :)

Anonymous 1: If you're the gentleman who wrote the first Dragon Warrior post, I'm gonna laugh.