Saturday, January 31, 2009

3000 Hits!

As you may recall, Alex and I had a running bet that if our humble little blog got 1000 visitors by December 31, 2008, Alex would have to watch the Star Wars movies, which he had never seen before. If we fell short of this number, I would have to read the entire run of The Goon.

I won. In fact, I won twice--we got 2000 hits before the end of the year. For me, this was good enough to make Alex watch all the Star Wars movies twice: once in English, and once in the original Wookieespeak. Plans for that were scrapped when I discovered Star Wars is only available with Wookieespeak subtitles in the US.

Star Wars with Wookiee subtitlesAnygizmo, with our popularity thusly secured, we determined that our next 1000 hits would be a question of when, not if. Rather than holding bets, we established that we would begin exposing one another to a new hobby or fandom with every 1000 hits. So, when we did reach 2000 hits, I started reading The Goon anyhow.

But there was something we didn't count on: the unstoppable legions of Exfanding fans (read: about 10 people). We've now reached 3000 hits, and I'm not even halfway through The Goon, and Alex only just watched Empire Strikes Back this past weekend. How could we possibly add something more to the mix?

That's why we've made some adjustments to the arrangement: now, with every 5000 hits, one of us will force the other into a new hobby or fandom. At 5000 it's my turn, and at 10,000 it's Alex's turn, and so on. And, so help me, if Alex hasn't finished the original Star Wars trilogy by then, I'm feeding him to a Sarlaac. And then I'll make him watch Return of the Jedi. And then he'll understand what the Sarlaac is that ate him.

You can expect reviews of Empire Strikes Back and the first half of The Goon before too terribly long. Just... you know... don't get so caught up in waiting here that you forget to shower.

[Screen capture from Translation: "Hello! I am well, thank you!"]

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