Thursday, January 15, 2009

Alex Discovers Podcasts

Word Balloon with John Siuntres logoA quick post today, since yesterday was just too big and exhaustive of a comic book "event" day for us fanpeople. Seriously, I need a breather, so no rants from Alex today. Promise.

Instead, I'd like to talk about a new discovery that I have dis...covered. You see, recently, I got one of them iPod whatsits, and have since started listening to podcasts.

Yes, I know. I'm old and irrelevant.

But, today I wanted to, as the kids say, give a shout out to my very favorite among the litany of comic book-related podcasts out there. It's called Word Balloon, and it is the product of Chicago radio host John Siuntres, who conducts the podcast.

Basically, Word balloon is an audio mp3 show that features interviews with top comic book creators. These interviews are usually in-depth, and some even last for several hours. Most prominent among the interview subjects is the long-running "Bendis Tapes" editions, which are hours-long fan Q and A interviews with Marvel Comics writer Brian Michael Bendis.

If you're into finding out about the creative process, or even if you want to get the latest information on your favorite creators, then this is the podcast for you. There are hundreds of back episodes, so there's going to be something for every comics fan out there. I recommend that you all check it out if you can.

All of the latest episodes of the show are up at the Word Balloon blog, which I linked to above. Of course, all the shows are available for free download there, and also over at iTunes.

I dig the show, and I think you will, too.

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