Tuesday, January 20, 2009

On This Day...

As anyone who has read this blog over its short (but epic!) life online knows, we tend to stay away from politics and "real," serious news, and instead we focus on fan culture and the like. We see this blog as a nice little escape for people; be it a quick read during a lunch break, or a nice sit down with a cup of coffee in the morning.

Either way, we want this blog to be fun, and entertaining, and a cool way to stay in tune with all the dorky goodness out there. But today is a different day than any other, and we thought we would be remiss not to mention the historic nature of Inauguration Day 2009.

No matter what your politics are, I think everyone can agree that today marks a unique moment in history; today brings with it the culmination of years and years of struggle and the scene in Washington, DC, this morning is a testament to just that.

Today, our country takes a great leap forward as the Reality of America does its best to catch up with the Promise of America.

So, tomorrow we'll be back with the usual, dorky wonderful that is the nature of this blog, but for now we'd like to leave you with the following:

Yesterday, we celebrated the life and teachings of a great, peaceful man. And today our country will swear in its first African American President. So, on this day in history, we encourage all of our readers to take a moment to think about where we are now, how far we've come, and what is left to be accomplished.

...as you watch the inauguration right here, streaming live from Hulu.com:


Falyne said...

I've got the CNN feed from facebook going, but if a discussion gets going here, I may come and comment. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hulu doesn't work outside of the US, you insensitive clod.

Flashman85 said...

Well, heavens, Anonymous. I had no idea you can't get Hulu outside the US, or that we had any international readers (seeing as none of them comment on our posts, are fans of us on Facebook, or are public followers of the blog).

I suspect all our readers from outside the US either had a utility such as Hotspot Shield to get around the problem, or else they looked for the video feed elsewhere rather than bringing this to my attention while it was still relevant.

Your sensitive comment has opened my eyes to the needs of our international readers and to my own insensitivity.

Scott said...

That was me -- I just didn't log in. I'm Scott Rothrock, in case I never actually introduced myself...

(I live in Japan.)

Anyway, I was pretty much joking. I just read the transcript online. A lot of places are starting to link material on sites like Hulu that restrict their content, though, and it's annoying.

While proxy services like Hotspot exist, they're generally slow, loaded with mal/spyware, or both. They have to pay for servers and bandwidth for the service you use as well as make a profit, and that profit comes from banners they show while you use the service as well as information they steal and sell -- after all, all of your internet communications are being routed through them!

Besides, what kind of sensitive person would name himself "flashman" -- think about all of those poor children out there who've been traumatized and blinded by sudden flashes!


Flashman85 said...

Well, heavens, tarepanda. I knew you were you, but I had no idea Anonymous was you. My comment was meant to be taken as either playful sarcasm or offended annoyance, whichever was more appropriate. Now that I know it's you, I can say my comment was written with utter contempt. I mean, uh, sarcasm.

Lazy not-logger-inner, criticizing my flashmanitude...