Saturday, May 30, 2009

Month in Review: May 2009

May was the chattiest, least-Exfandingy month we've ever had, with a few of our longest posts ever. Lots of stories and reviews and not as much explanation and introduction as usual. As if to counteract the variety of April's posts, May focused heavily on comics (which is fairly standard), video games, and sci-fi. Not that this is a bad thing, but we were certainly more conversational than usual (you know, like a normal blog).

Here's where our blabbering took us:

- A summary of the incredible amount of participation I had in the May issue of GameCola, and links to all my work

- Reflections on comics, baseball, and how a fandom can improve your life

- A links post with info about X-Men Origins: Wolverine, i-Phone apps, author Peter David, and more.

- A teaser for Legends of Steel Creek, a comic set in the Old West

- Our weekly comics news feature, Waiting for Wednesday, Issues eleven, twelve, thirteen, and fourteen

- A review of X-Men Origins: Wolverine and musings on the state of modern cinema

- A review of Grailpages, a book that takes an in-depth look at original comic art

- A downright Brobdingnagian post introducing and explaining Star Trek in its many forms

- A dedicated fan's reactions to the new Star Trek movie, Part One (pre-movie) and Part Two (post-movie)

- A post that covers Alex's personal projects, the works of Robert E. Howard, and the existence of Hobbits

- Lamentations about the control scheme of Metroid Prime III: Corruption

- Food for thought about different fandoms, comparing baseball to comics

- A scattershot geek news update, including the latest scoop on the upcoming Thor movie, the restoration of Len Wein's comics collection, and Kevin Smith's Batman and Green Lantern projects

- A brief introduction to Taskbar Shuffle, a tiny utility that should have come standard with every Windows operating system

- My philosophy on why blogging is hard

- Thoughts and stories about being a crazy comics collector and the perils of Collector's Mentality

- An introduction to the Metroid series of sci-fi video games

- A moment of reflection for Memorial Day

- My review of the funny sci-fi PC adventure game Space Quest V: The Next Mutation

- Thoughts about working at something you love

- A links post covering more geek news, including a Die Hard comics series, the San Diego Comic Con, a tricky court case about the legality of owning certain kinds of artwork, and more

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